How Sherpa Cash works?


A user generates a random key (note) and deposits AVAX or an ERC20, along with submitting a hash of the note to the Sherpa Cash smart contract.


After depositing, users should wait some amount of time before withdrawing to improve their privacy.


A user submits a proof of having the valid key to one of the notes deposited and the contract transfers AVAX or the ERC20 to a specified recipient.

How Sherpa Cash achieves privacy

Sherpa Cash improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between source and destination addresses. It uses a smart contract that accepts AVAX deposits that can be withdrawn by a different address. To preserve privacy a relayer can be used to withdraw to an address with no AVAX balance. Whenever AVAX is withdrawn by the new address, there is no way to link the withdrawal to the deposit, ensuring complete privacy.


Total AVAX deposited
Unique users
Total deposits

Features of Sherpa Cash

Sherpa Cash protocol is fully decentralized and owned by the community

Sherpa Cash is governed by its community through the SHERPA token.
Built-in tools for proving your transaction history for legal and regulatory compliance.
Anonymity Mining
Users can mine the SHERPA token by using the Sherpa Cash app.
App Launch
Launch the app on Avalanche mainnet to allow private deposits and withdraws
Trusted Ceremony
The trusted ceremony process helps ensure the security of the Sherpa Cash zkSNARK keys.


What is Sherpa Cash?

Sherpa Cash is a fully decentralized protocol for private transactions on the Avalanche Network

What is the SHERPA token?

The SHERPA token is the governance token for Sherpa Cash. Token Address: 0xa5E59761eBD4436fa4d20E1A27cBa29FB2471Fc6

What is a Relayer?

Relayers provide a service to enhance anonymity by paying the gas on withdraw transactions

What is a Trusted Ceremony?

Trusted Ceremony is a process that lets the community help generate zkSNARKs keys that are used to secure Sherpa Cash.

How do I connect to Avalanche C-Chain?